Photograph of an evening view in Tiberias project
HaNachala | Tiberias
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Hanachala project is scheduled to be constructed in the south western part of Tiberias facing the mountainous Galilee landscape, Yavne’el Valley and Switzerland Forest.

The project, which is to be part of the Moshava neighborhood, will also feature environmental development, including the construction of new public institutions, schools, kindergartens and community centers as well as parks and public gardens.

A new stadium, sports campus, science campus, large shopping center, commercial centers and a railway station will also be constructed.

The project will include 22 units in detached buildings. Construction is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Developers: American Israel Investments Ltd.

Architects: Eran Mebel Architecture & Urban Planning Ltd.

HaNachala Tiberias
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