Photograph of buildings in the Marom Ganim project in Petah Tiqva
MEROM GANIM | Petah Tikva
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Petah Tikva

The Merom Ganim project is located in one of the oldest and most sought-after neighborhoods in Petah Tikva, in the high-quality Ein Ganim neighborhood, which houses well-established residents alongside young couples.


The residents of the project enjoy careful environmental planning that includes a green park with water fountains and ornamental pools, spacious lawns and play areas for children. In the project, 207 housing units were built in 4 buildings.

The project was inhabited in 2006-2009.

Developers: America Israel Investments in collaboration with A. Luzon Properties and Investments.

Architecture: Tito Architects.

MEROM GANIM פתח תקווה
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