Photograph of buildings in the UNIK T project in Tirat Carmel
UNIK T | Tirat Carmel
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Tirat Carmel

In the new “Gali Carmel” neighborhood, a Unik T project was built with 94 housing units in 3 buildings.

The project is located near Highway 4 and a few minutes away from the Haifa South interchange, the Coastal Highway, Hof HaCarmel train station, the central station and the Carmel tunnels. The southern entrance to Haifa provides the residents of the neighborhood with a variety of services: entertainment and commercial centers, Azrieli Mall, Sammy Ofer Stadium, the Congress Center and the Science Industries Center (Matam).

The project was inhabited in 2019.

Developers: America Israel Investments in collaboration with Sela Binui.

Architecture: Gordon Architects and Urban Planners.

UNIK T טירת הכרמל
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